Importance of Posture for Better Health

Working in an outpatient clinic exposes you to the importance of correct posture on your body and the ill effects it can have on our body on a daily basis. It is the most common cause of back, neck, knee … Continue reading

Strain Counterstrain

Having worked in outpatient clinic, I have learned the use of strain counterstrain–the passive positional release in treatment for LBP, ankle sprains, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, any myofascial pain, and other contitions. In order to better understand the technique and make it … Continue reading

Benefits to Geriatric PT

In my experience, I have learned that physical therapy intervention can prevent life-long disabilities, restoring a person’s level of functioning to its highest level. Among the conditions treated by Physical Therapists in skilled nursing facilities are osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, … Continue reading

Use of Acetaminophen in Children

Acetaminophen has been used to manage pain and fever in pediatric patients for over 50 years (Temple, Temple, and Kuffner, 2013). Most, if not all, of the children I see for physical therapy has used acetaminophen at one point for … Continue reading

Use of Codeine on Children

Analgesics, including opioids, are drugs often administered to patients for pain relief in the rehabilitation setting (Ciccone, 2013, p. 183). In my practice as a pediatric physical therapist, my experience is limited regarding the effects of analgesics in children with … Continue reading

Pharmaceutical Industry Issues and Physical Therapy

Mendelson, Zachariah, de Ferranti, and Bickel (2013) stated that almost one clinically-relevant drug has been recalled every month in the last five years in the United States. That statistic is very alarming to anyone who reads it, especially to a … Continue reading

Wellness in Pediatric Physical Therapy

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) included advocating for wellness and preventive health care of the public in our code of ethics (APTA, 2013). It is therefore well within our role as health professionals to incorporate health and wellness strategies … Continue reading

Physical Therapy – How should diagnoses affect pediatric rehabilitation?

As a pediatric therapist for almost 15 years, I can personally say that this niche in our profession is rich in complexities. We all know as practitioners that treatment strategies are different for every patient, even for those with the … Continue reading

How to Make Direct Access to Physical Therapy in New York Work – Pediatrics

In the American Physical Therapy Association’s (APTA) summary of state physical therapy direct access laws, only 6 states included a specific clause for children with therapy needs. These include Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and Wyoming (APTA, 2015). The … Continue reading

School-based Physical Therapy versus Medical Out-patient Therapy Services

I once came across an article on EasyStand that discussed some differences between school-based and clinic-based therapy. For example, a child with significant delays in motor skills may qualify for either school-based PT, Out-patient PT services, or both. I have … Continue reading