For Our Clients

Who We Are

interFysio has been providing both temporary and long term, high quality clinical staffing solutions to prominent healthcare and educational clients in the New York Metro Area since 2003.

Our healthcare staff has been carefully selected and trained to provide quality service. Our therapists are experienced and motivated professionals with a strong ethical commitment to helping their patients. Our therapists are all permanent, salaried employees. This gives us control over our staff and ability to meet our client’s evolving needs that other agencies are unable to provide.

Our management team includes clinical professionals, attorneys, and business administrators, all working together to bring you the best in client service.


Our Services


You can trust that interFysio conducts thorough interviews, evaluates and checks all credentials on each and every individual clinical professional as they are all our employees.   Our clinical professionals are required not only to meet basic industry requirements, but interFysio’s own high quality standards as well.  Our reputation relies upon our workforce’s clinical competency and expertise.

Disciplines Covered:

Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapists, COTAs, Speech-Language Pathologists, Clinical Fellows.

When you request assistance from interFysio, we deliver staff that complements your department and focuses on reaching the goals you set.  Our workforce is made up of experienced and motivated professionals with a strong ethical commitment to helping those in their care.

Populations Serviced:

Pediatrics: Early Intervention (0-3), Pre-School (3-5) and School-Age (5-21), Adults and Geriatrics.

Venues Serviced:

Long Term Care, Schools (both Public & Private), Hospitals, Clinics, Outpatient Centers, Private Practices, Residential Group Homes, Home Care and more.

Contracting with interFysio

It’s easy!  Simplicity, strong communication and excellence in performance are our client service goals.  Our contracts are easy to read, concise and to the point.  We welcome any and all input from our facility clients. At interFysio, we pride ourselves on respecting each  client’s individuality and tailor our contracts to fit their needs.  Our Company endeavors to create the best fit possible between your facility and our staff.

We offer flexible, tailored solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Part time to full time, short term and temporary to long term and ongoing. At a moment’s notice or with advanced planning.

Our therapists are fully licensed and insured. Our clients pay an hourly fee only and are not responsible for any other costs, vacation or sick time-there are no hidden fees. We will provide coverage for all your needs at a reasonable cost.


For More Information or To Establish a Contract

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